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Qu'est-ce que c'est ceci?
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Qu'est-ce que c'est ceci?

What's This?

Hi there – you’re in the right place, but unfortunately RwandaPhoneBook.com is no longer available as it was. Don’t worry though – you can still find useful alternatives on this page. Why not take a quick look at them before you go?

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Yellow Pages Rwanda

Yellow Pages Rwanda lets you search for listings based on Keywords, Brands, Products, and more. You can also browse through listings using a map, and you can also search through a category-based directory. You can also find Yellow Pages Rwanda on Facebook.

Rwanda Business Directory

The Rwanda Business Directory allows users to search for companies and business owners to list (and remove) their respective businesses in the directory. Users can browse through categorized listings, filter by city, and see new and recently updated double glazing company listings as well.

Yellow Pages of Africa – Rwanda Business Directory

The Yellow Pages of Africa’s Rwanda Business Directory lets you search for over 150,000 business names and listings by location, or browse through categories to find what you’re looking for. Additionally, you can also register your company or become an advertiser on-site.

Essential Africa – Rwanda Directory

Essential Africa’s Rwanda Directory provides a list of essential business and listings by category. You can also have a business listed for free. You can also connect to Essential Africa via Facebook and Twitter.

Rwanda Government Telephone Directory

The Rwanda Development Board’s Government Telephone Directory provides searchable listings with contact information. You can sort your searches alphabetically, by institution, and include staff names when searching.



Data roaming charges to fall as four East Africa countries sign agreement

Christabel Ligami writes about an agreement between Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Sudan, across all networks, that will make it easier and cheaper to use data bundles.

New Cloud Platform Offers SMEs Greater Convenience

Biztech Africac reports on MTN Business’ new platform aimed at helping SMEs get easier access to cloud-based solutions and services.

Smart Africa Seeks One Africa Network

What can greater integration in telecommunications in the African Union mean economically for the countries involved and their people? Biztech Africa reports.

Mobile phone penetration rate rises marginally to 78.2% in March

The New Times’ Anitha Kirezi writes about who gained, who lost, and why in her most recent report on the number of Rwandans owning mobile phones.

How telecoms are promoting a savings culture in Rwanda

Can you do more on a mobile phone than just call and text? The New Times’ Appolonia Uwanziga reports on a unique feature that telecommunications companies in Rwanda are offering their subscribers.

5 of the Best Smartphone Apps to Check Out for Free (or at least really cheap) Calls, Texts, and Messages

Getting and keeping in touch with friends and loved ones has never been easier today, thanks to the leaps in technology over the past few years. Growing smartphone ownership and usage and widespread adoption of mobile internet – particularly in developing nations – means that not only is the world is getting more connected than ever, but it’s also steadily becoming more affordable to talk to just about anyone we want to in the world.

So what smartphone apps for staying in touch with friends and family should you be using? Let’s look at some of the best options out there:


You could say Skype is the granddaddy of all of ‘em online communications apps – you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn’t familiar with the name. First released in 2003, Skype now has one of the world’s largest user bases – over 300 million, as of August 2015 – who use the service to send and receive voice and video calls, messages, teach students, conduct video conferences, share screens, and call landlines and mobiles from the convenience of the app.

GET IT: Skype for Windows | Skype for Mac | Skype for Linux | Skype for iOS | Skype for Android | Skype for other devices


One of Skype’s bigger competitors, Viber offers much of the same features – text, picture, and audio and video messaging, as well as the ability to call landlines and mobiles without the Viber app through a feature called Viber Out. Uniquely, Viber doesn’t ask you to create an alias or a user name when setting up your account – instead, your phone number automatically becomes your unique Viber ID. Viber synchronizes with your phone’s contact list and automatically lets you know who of your friends are also on Viber, which is convenient. Additionally, Viber lets you use stickers and sticker sets – many of which are free, while others can be purchased through the store – which you can use when chatting with your contacts on Viber.

GET IT: Viber for Windows Desktop | Viber for MacOS | Viber for Linux | Viber for iOS | Viber for Android | Viber for Windows Phone


Telegram is one of those upstart messaging services that you can’t help but take notice of. Telegram’s selling point is safe, secure, and private messaging, featuring secret chats that have end-to-end encryption and messages that you can set to self-destruct. Users can send messages with stickers, images, videos, and attach files of any type. You can also create groups or channels where you can broadcast your messages and chat with up to 5,000 users at any given time, and see how many of these users have seen what you’d sent. The nicest thing about all of this? It’s all free.

GET IT: Telegram for Desktop (Windows, OSX, Linux) | Telegram for Android | Telegram for iOS | Telegram for Windows Phone


Signal is a free, open-source app that lets you send and receive encrypted voice calls and messages. You can also send group messages, attachments, and media messages. Like Telegram, Signal’s main selling point – despite the fact that it’s completely free – is its safe, secure, and highly private service, and that it comes highly recommended by cryptographers, security experts, and Edward Snowden himself.

GET IT: Signal for iOS | Signal for Android

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest and fastest-growing messaging apps you can get – 900 million users and counting. Messenger lets you send and receive text and voice messages, use stickers – both free and purchasable – in chat, and they’re starting to roll out voice and video calls out to select locales. Upcoming features include Facebook looking to let Messenger users send money to each other, group calling, and ways for businesses to be able to serve and transact with customers easily with messenger. Out of all the messaging apps listed here, I personally find Facebook Messenger to be the most polished, design and experience-wise.

GET IT: Facebook Messenger for iOS | Facebook Messenger for Android | Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone

There we have ‘em – no matter where you are in the world, there’s a way to get in touch with people elsewhere, no matter how far, for absolutely free (or at least really affordably). There are, of course, more apps and services than just the recommendations we have here. But if you’re just getting started, you can’t go wrong with any of the above services.

About the Author: Andre Salvatierra is a freelance writer who loves culture, technology, well-designed things, and great experiences. You can find him on Medium and Twitter.

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